The Linda Lindas Drop Vibrantly Fun ‘Growing Up’ Title Track

After turning heads in 2021 with "Racist, Sexist Boy" and "Oh!" in 2021, a new Linda Lindas album is coming from the upstart rockers. And not only that, but the band has a new song and video to share with the title track from their upcoming album Growing Up.

Capturing the spirit of their youth, the Humberto Leon-directed video finds the girls hanging out in their bedroom, performing for their audience of cats and having a grand time playing in the living room and back room as well.

Offering a bit of meta commentary, the song starts off with the line, "Growing up isn’t something we can make happen when we want it to / But since we’re all growing up together I guess I’ll grow up / with you." In general, the song seems to come from a personal place as the girls experience this time in their lives together. The track, and their album, was produced by Grammy-winning producer Carlos de la Garza, the father of the band's guitarist and drummer Lucia and Mila.

Get a closer look and the lyrics and video below and if you like what you hear, the Growing Up album, due April 8 via Epitaph, is available to pre-order here.

The Linda Lindas, "Growing Up" Lyrics

Growing up isn’t something we can make happen when we want it to
But since we’re all growing up together I guess I’ll grow up
with you

We can take turns taking the reins
Lean on each other when we need some extra strength
We’ll never cave or we’ll never waver
We’ll always become braver and braver

We’ll dance like nobody’s there
We’ll dance without any cares
We’ll talk bout problems we share
We’ll talk bout things that ain’t fair
We’ll sing bout things we don’t know
We’ll sing to people and show
What it means to be young
And growing up

Under the table, we’ll whisper
in each other’s ears
We’ll share our hopes and dreams, and all our other
greatest fears
And when we get burned from
jumping in the fire
We’ll never tire, cause we’ll
always find ways to fly higher

I make as many good memories as I can
When there are nights I can’t sleep, it’s okay in the end
I know what I do now makes
me me
Wherever we go, wherever we
go we…

We’ll take the good with the bad
All of the times that we’ll have
Make every moment last
We’ll have each other’s backs
Cause in the end we don’t know
We don’t know where we will go
We don’t know, so
There’s still a little more
Growing up

The Linda Lindas, "Growing Up"

The Linda Lindas, Growing Up Artwork + Track Listing

Epitaph Records
Epitaph Records

Growing Up
Talking To Myself
Cuántas Veces
Racist, Sexist Boy

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