Andrew W.K. Appears in Fiancée Kat Dennings’ Show ‘Dollface’

Andrew W.K. has a guest role on his fiancée Kat Dennings' new Hulu series, Dollface. The musician emerges in a daydream that Dennings' protagonist Jules Wiley experiences in "Homecoming Queen," the eighth episode of the show's recently released second season.

It's Andrew W.K.'s first appearance since the rock singer deleted or wiped his social media accounts and seemingly retreated from the public eye just after releasing his latest album, last year's God Is Partying.

We don't want to spoil Dollface if you haven't watched it, so stop here if you must. But in a scene halfway through "Homecoming Queen," the vivid fantasy sequence finds Dennings walking to, embracing and ultimately kissing her real-life fiancé amid a surreal, hellish backdrop.

These dream-like fantasy sequences are recurring throughout the show.

Kat Dennings in ‘Dollface’ (Hulu)

She's plunged into the vision after rumbling through a box of items labeled "Special Things" while packing up her old room at her parent's house. She then gazes at a poster on the wall for a performer named The Sorcerer, portrayed in the image by W.K.

Andrew W.K. in ‘Dollface’ (Hulu)

Does The Sorcerer hold any significance to the rocker's reported vanishing? Probably not, considering the scene could have been filmed beforehand. But perhaps the onscreen resurfacing of W.K.'s visage points to a more substantial comeback ahead.

While W.K. has stepped away from his personal socials, he has appeared sporadically on Dennings' accounts, including in an amusing "Wedding Makeup Tutorial" in which the actress gives her rocker fiancé a glamorous makeover.

Dennings and W.K. got engaged last spring shortly after the public learned they were a couple. They showed off their rings online, as People reported. This month, Dennings confirmed the couple still haven't married despite wearing their wedding bands, per Us Weekly. Dennings makes a cameo in W.K.'s music video for "Everybody Sins," a single from God Is Partying.

Kat Dennings, Andrew W.K. (Hulu)

You can catch both seasons of Dollface on Hulu. The show also stars Brenda Song, Shay Mitchell and Esther Povitsky. Season 2 premiered on Feb. 11. See a trailer for the show down below.

Andrew W.K.'s previous official Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages are all currently blank or nonexistent. MetalSucks and Reddit offered speculation on W.K.'s apparent public retreat last year.

Dollface Season 2 Trailer

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