Sweden’s Prime Minister Is a Big System of a Down Fan + Plays Their Music at Parties

If there is one world leader we're sure rock and metal fans would want to party with, it has to be Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson. Why? She's a big System of a Down fan, that's why!

That's what Andsersson told the national radio station Bandit Rock, at least, in a Feb. 15 interview. "When it comes to rock, it's System of a Down," she confessed when asked about her taste in music, as reported by Metal Hammer. She further enthused, "Yes, they are really awesome!"

Following the resignation of Prime Minister and Social Democratic Party leader Stefan Löfven late last year, Andersson became the first female to be elected to the commanding position in Sweden's history. The veteran civil servant with an economics background probably won't be blasting "B.Y.O.B." or "Fuck the System" while perched behind her office desk and serving as the country's leader, but it's a different story inside her personal home.

Radio hosts Bollnäs-Martin and Richie Puzz inquired about whether Andersson's at-home listening habits include System of a Down and the Prime Minister replied, "Yes, absolutely, and when it's [a] party!" While she's the big SOAD fan, she is not tasked with occupying the DJ role at these parties, however. "No matter what kind of party, my husband takes over," added Andersson.

Now, we're left to wonder if some native Swedish artists have made it into rotation at the Andersson home. Perhaps some Amon Amarth, In Flames, Opeth, At the Gates, Meshuggah, Sabaton, Crashdïet, or The Hellacopters have also come blaring out of the speakers at one these parties.

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