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Angels & Airwaves’ ‘Losing My Mind’ Video Introduces Boomer’s Brother on Vegas TikTok Quest

Angels & Airwaves’ ‘Losing My Mind’ Video Introduces Boomer’s Brother on Vegas TikTok Quest

Tom DeLonge’s character “Boomer” from Blink-182’s “First Date” video has become the stuff of meme legend, but the musician is introducing a new character in the latest Angels & Airwaves video that’s said to be a brother of that character. Boomer’s equally outrageous sibling Disco is now ready for his turn in the spotlight in the “Losing My Mind” clip.

The track suit and dark glasses-wearing Disco is just looking for his piece of that proverbial fame pie, reaching out to TikTok dance sensation Rampage in a Las Vegas hotel room with a request to help him get TikTok famous. Rampage, clearly vibing on the infectious ambition that Disco is sending, then joins Disco on a wild night out in Las Vegas taking their moves to the streets. Watch the video below.

“I wanted to write a song about a totally insane idea that would never happen, like, what if our own country was being torn apart by racists, a pandemic and domestic terrorism, but all at the same time… you know, just normal made up shit that would never happen,” said Tom Delonge about “Losing My Mind.”

The Tom DeLonge-directed clip is just the latest piece of music to come from Angels & Airwaves forthcoming new album, LIFEFORMS, which is due on Sept. 24. The album is available to pre-order here. And you can also check out what is described as an “edgier” Director’s Cut version of the “Losing My Mind” video right here.

Angels & Airwaves are also hitting the road in support of the new record, and you can catch the band this Saturday (Aug. 31) playing Lollapalooza in Chicago.

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Angels & Airwaves, “Losing My Mind”

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