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Music Fan Stunned That Dollar Tree Sells Rock + Pop CDs

Music Fan Stunned That Dollar Tree Sells Rock + Pop CDs

Did you know they sell CDs at Dollar Tree?

YouTuber James Creelman was on one of his usual trips to the discount retailer the other day. But when he came upon a previously unseen assortment of popular music compact discs at his local store — including albums of rock, pop and hip-hop — he was astonished. Still, Creelman wasn’t too stunned to flick through the selection and make some choice CD purchases.

Watch the video down toward the bottom of this post.

“I wasn’t planning on making this video, but I’m here at the Dollar Tree and they have CDs,” Creelman marvels at the start of the clip. “Real CDs like The Matrix soundtrack and Boyz N Da Hood. … [He picks up a CD] Goldfinger — I know who Goldfinger is. Is this like a new thing?”

He continues as he pursues the discs, “This is strange — what’s going on? They have some pretty decent ones: Paul Wall, not that I’m a big fan of him, but he seems like a pretty big name. You got Punchline — they’re on Fueled by Ramen, pretty cool. I’ll grab that one … Apples in Stereo — I’ve heard of them before, I really don’t know much about them; I’ll pass on that. Barenaked Ladies? No thank you, but it’s pretty cool that they have it.”

Fans of heavier rock aren’t left out either, as Creelman illustrates. “Every Time I Die, A Life Once Lost — these are metalcore bands, I guess,” the shopper relays as he shows what’s in stock. “I probably sound like such a dork right now — I’m not exactly sure. But I will pick these up and check them out.”

Plus, in addition to The Matrix album, there were plenty more movie soundtrack collections available, including those for Superman Returns, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and TMNT, the 2007 computer-animated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film.

However, Dollar Tree selling music CDs is nothing new. Audiophiles at the Steve Hoffman Music Forums have been trading tales about their discount CD purchases from the retailer for over a decade. Perhaps the store in Creelman’s area only just started carrying them.

Regardless, the creator clearly loves the retailer — Creelman released “Dollar Tree Rap,” a hip-hop tribute to the store, earlier this year. And from the looks of it, he has a sizable online fanbase that watches as he visits other stores and restaurants. See more on his YouTube.

Have you ever bought a CD from Dollar Tree?

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