Bring Me the Horizon Cover ‘Gran Turismo’ Theme ‘Moon Over the Castle’

Bring Me the Horizon have broken from recording their next EP long enough to provide a fresh instrumental update of the song "Moon Over the Castle" for the next edition of the Gran Turismo video game series.

The song was originally composed by Masahiro Androh of T-Square and has undergone several revisions over the years for various incarnations of the gaming franchise. The newly done Bring Me the Horizon version is attached to Gran Turismo 7, which will be released on March 4 this year via PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

To help promote both the song and the game, Columbia Records has partnered with Sony Interactive Entertainment to provide a video featuring game play from the Willow Springs course soundtracked by Bring Me the Horizon's take on the song.

In addition to Bring Me the Horizon, the in-game soundtrack is expected to include music from Nothing But Thieves, Major Lazor, London Grammar and more.

Bring Me the Horizon continue to work on the second EP in their Post Human four-EP series. Oli Sykes has revealed that it has more emo and screamo influence than it's predecessor and he's hoping to share a message of self-compassion.

“With this record, I’m going to try to teach people to have compassion for themselves, as someone who fucking hated themselves," he explained. “It used to make me sick to hear ‘you’ve got to love yourself’ — never. I used to put all my awards in a cupboard, I wouldn’t look at them. If someone asked me what I did, I would never say I was in a band, I’d say I own a clothing company or a restaurant. I just didn’t wanna talk about it. Now I love myself. I can look in the mirror and go ‘You’re doing good.’ I can say ‘I’m a rock star, my band’s doing well.’”

The band previously tipped the EP with the 2021 single, "Die4U." Though a release date has not been announced, keyboardist Jordan Fish revealed that the band hoped to have their next release out prior to their Reading & Leeds festival appearances in August.

Bring Me the Horizon, "Moon Over the Castle" (Gran Turismo 7 Game Replay Video)

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