Frank Turner Recruits Biffy Clyro’s Simon Neil for ‘The Resurrectionists’

Folk-punker Frank Turner has dropped a swinging yet wistful new anthem featuring Biffy Clyro bandleader Simon Neil. It's called "The Resurrectionists," and it comes from Turner's upcoming album FTHC (Frank Turner Hardcore), out Feb. 11.

"One last song before FTHC is yours next week," Turner announced on Friday (Feb. 4). "'The Resurrectionists' feat Simon Neil is out everywhere now."

Listen to "The Resurrectionists" and read the song's lyrics down toward the bottom of this post.

FTHC is the ninth solo LP from Turner, the acoustic guitar-wielding troubadour who got his start in early-2000s post-hardcore band Million Dead. Since their 2005 breakup, Turner has released solo efforts such as 2013's Tape Deck Heart and 2019's No Man's Land.

And over the last several months, Turner fans have had plenty of new material to hear. Previous FTHC singles included "Wave Across a Bay," "Non Serviam," and "Haven't Been Doing So Well." Turner will also tour across Europe and the U.S. this year year.

Pre-order FTHC and check out Frank Turner merch at the musician's official online shop.

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Frank Turner, "The Resurrectionists" Lyrics

In 1981, I was perfect for a month
But the truth is
It's been all downhill since then
'Cause we did strange things to our bodies
And we forgot most of our studies
And got all muddled up
Between our means and our ends

Between forgiveness and permission
We've got a crystal clear vision of what
We cutely choose to call the good ol' days
But we've been scraping by our teeth
Through lives we didn't mean to lead
And I can barely tell you what I did yesterday
Is it a Wednesday today?

We're all just kids
Someone let loose into the world
Waiting for someone to explain the rules

We're motherfuckers and pharisees
And no longer all of a company
Despite our attempts to keep up that pretense
And we gave up on the cigarettes
But we're still hooked on whimsical regrets
And wondering if in hindsight
Any of this makes any sense

And Justin left Southampton
And he got famous like I said
And Adam, he got married
And now he's happy down in Plumstead
And Jay's a dad and Tre's out back with Dave
And Tommy, who knows?
They say he disappeared like Harps and Zo
But I saw him this one time in Mexico

We're all just kids
Someone let loose into the world
Waiting for someone to explain the rules
And that's all
Trying to find some kind of food
In toyshops and gunsmiths
Searching for subjects
We are resurrectionists

Searching for something
That could bring us back to life

We're all just kids let loose into the world
Waiting for someone to explain the rules
Unsupervised, unhappy and uncool
We're all just kids and that's all

Frank Turner, "The Resurrectionists" Audio

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