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Corey Taylor Calls Out Today’s Culture – ‘I Miss Facts’

Corey Taylor Calls Out Today’s Culture – ‘I Miss Facts’

While there are many positives in Corey Taylor‘s life at present, the musician says there are still many things in this world that are pissing him off.

When asked during a recent larger interview with Loudwire if age and peace have made it harder to channel his aggression, the singer answered with a resounding, “Oh God, no! I’m still a fucking asshole. There’s still so many things that piss me off it’s not even funny.”

He then chose one of his biggest annoyances, explaining, “Just the state of the culture right now is so fucking awful. People are now talking to each other like they are tweeting, which is ridiculous. One of the things that I miss the most are facts — not just contentious opinion or alternative facts or whatever the fuck that shit means.”

He continued, “The fact that we don’t have any base level foundation for what is correct and what is not correct and that everything is open to opinion is just horse shit. And that those opinions are then taken by people who have been made to feel inferior by elitist pricks and they’ve now taken those opinions and they’ve cemented them as their own facts and they’ve passed them off to people who feel the same way. The fact that we have no baseline in reality now is terrifying. The fact that there’s nowhere we can go to find things that we can rely on and the fact that there’s no real urgency to do that.”

Taylor added, “The fact that there’s no real place to find something that is secure and is set in stone. Yes, there may be changes on the different data that comes in, but is something that feels secure. More people are more interested in their own drama and their own bullshit and their own version of conspiracies and ridiculous fucking propaganda that they refuse to see that what they’re doing is eating themselves. They’re eating their own culture. Whether it’s the right and their obsession with the talking heads or the left and their obsession with controlling language and controlling the way that we try to feel about each other and the way that you talk about other fucking people, regardless, it’s insane.”

If there is one positive in all that negative, Taylor says, “Because of that, I will always have something to bitch about. I will always have something to write about, and I will always have something to rail against.”

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Taylor’s new solo album, CMF2, has a mix of more positive and upbeat tracks alongside some absolute bangers hitting with a darker point of view. The album is available Sept. 15 and is currently up for pre-order here. And be sure to catch Taylor on tour, starting Aug. 26. Tickets are available here.

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