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Liam Gallagher Turns Traveling Boat Performance Into New Live Album

Liam Gallagher Turns Traveling Boat Performance Into New Live Album

The first year of the pandemic provided many challenges for touring artists, but Liam Gallagher found a way to play a socially distanced show for the people of London, hopping on board a boat with his band and playing a set that rang out for those on shore and via livestream as he traveled down the River Thames. Now that December 2020 performance is being turned into a live album by Gallagher.

The special show occurred during COVID-lockdown times when full-scale concerts weren't allowed in the U.K. But it turned into a magical and innovative performance, as Gallagher himself recalled in teasing the new live album Down By the River Thames via social media.

"It was a celestial gig dare I say BIBLICAL even enjoy and remember RNR is here to stay it will never DIE," says Gallagher in the caption that accompanies a video trailer on Instagram.

“So here it is, the gig they said we could never pull off!” Gallagher commented in a statement. “As we were in lockdown, bored and depressed, rock ‘n’ roll came to save the day once again. It was a top night and a top gig and it’s captured here on record for you to all enjoy.”

The 16-song set features a mix of his solo works and favorites from his time fronting Oasis. It will be released on vinyl, CD, cassette and through major streaming services on May 27. You can pick out the platform of your choosing and pre-order through Gallagher's webstore.

The live album also coincides with the release of Gallagher's third studio album, C'mon You Know, which is also on target for a May 27 release. The singer recently released the song "Everything's Electric" that was co-written with and features a guest appearance by Dave Grohl.

Liam Gallagher, Down By the River Thames (Live) Album Artwork + Track Listing

Warner Records
Warner Records

1. Hello
2. Wall of Glass
3. Halo
4. Shockwave
5. Columbia
6. Fade Away
7. Why Me? Why Not.
8. Greedy Soul
9. The River
10. Once
11. Morning Glory
12. Cigarettes & Alcohol
13. Headshrinker
14. Supersonic
15. Champagne Supernova
16. All You’re Dreaming Of

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