Tool Stop Performance After Fan Collapses at Show

Tool's Tuesday night set (Feb. 22) in Washington, D.C. came with a scary moment, as the band stopped their show for a brief period while medics tended to a fan who had collapsed near the stage.

According to Rock Feed, a fan near the front row appeared to be suffering a medical emergency, with fans around the person capturing the attention of singer Maynard James Keenan.

The vocalist stopped the show to allow for emergency medical technicians to approach and fans with vicinity cleared the way so that help could arrived faster. While the situation was taking place, Keenan took some moments to share banter with the crowd, thanking them for attending the show. And once medics were able to tend to the fan in question, the group was then able to continue the show.

Concert safety has been more prominently in the spotlight of late after nine people died and 25 people were hospitalized at a Travis Scott concert last year.

In total, Tool played a 13-song set, including a three-track encore. Tool continue their tour through the U.S. with more dates scheduled worldwide for the remainder of the year. Read more about their touring here.

See Tool Stop Their Show to Aid an Ailing Fan (per Rock Feed)

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