Tool – Stunning Photos From the Band’s First Tour Since COVID

It was a night filled with catharsis and big riffs as Tool visited Long Island, New York, last night (Feb. 23) on their first tour since COVID halted the live music industry. From the brand new Belmont Park stage, the legendary Tool performed almost all of Fear Inoculum live, and we snapped some of the most gorgeous photos you’ll ever see of the band.

Major shout out to photographer Kevin RC Wilson, who brought the colors of Tool to life behind the lens of his camera. You may have seen Wilson's recent work documenting Ghost’s early 2022 tour with Volbeat and Twin Temple, but he may have outdone himself with these shots of Tool and The Acid Helps.

You’d be forgiven for not knowing much about The Acid Helps. The fuzzed-out band currently has just two songs on Spotify and their YouTube channel simply features the message, “this account has been terminated.” Influenced by west coast desert rock and the voice of Layne Staley, the two-piece band buzzed through a nine-song set featuring “This Thing Will Not Die,” “Sink Pisser,” and seven yet-to-be-identified songs. Altogether, The Acid Helps were a solid choice by Tool, and the psychonauts of Long Island were given something sick to vibrate along with.

Tool began their set playing “Fear Inoculum” behind a custom string curtain. Designed to expand on Tool’s lighting and projection effects, the half-circle curtain gives the illusion of the band performing inside a psychedelic cylinder. As the curtain finally opened, the crowd roared as they got their first clear look at Maynard, Adam, Justin and Danny. And yes, after 18 years of being shrouded in darkness, Maynard James Keenan (whose voice sounded strong following his two hellish bouts with COVID) was well-lit during certain sections of the concert.

Minus the interludes and the Grammy-winning “7empest,” Tool performed the entirety of Fear Inoculum, but not before blessing fans with lesser-performed favorites such as “Right in Two” and “Hooker With a Penis.” Following Danny Carey’s drum feast, “Chocolate Chip Trip,” and the beautiful “Culling Voices,” Keenan finally invited fans to bust out their phones and record the final song of the night, “Invincible.”

No matter when you see Tool live, you’re guaranteed a masterclass of immersion, sound and stage design, musicianship, and AC/DC levels of ungodly tightness. If you’ve never witnessed Tool’s headlining arena show before, you’re truly missing out on one of rock and metal’s most essential experiences. So stop being unexperienced!

Check out our exclusive photos of Tool and The Acid Helps below and click here for the tour’s remaining dates.

Tool + The Acid Helps (2/23/22)

Tool + The Acid Helps perform in Long Island, New York on Feb. 23, 2022