Unforgettable Tobias Forge Unmasked Moments

Tobias Forge captivated the rock and metal world throughout the 2010s as the masked mastermind behind Ghost. Since his eventual unmasking, Forge has made some rare appearances sans makeup, and we’ve put together a compilation of those moments.

Forge did a Gear Factor episode with us right before the pandemic began, showcasing “Master of Puppets” as one of his favorite riffs. “James Hetfield is definitely one of the best guitar players to have ever walked this Earth,” Forge said. “Even though I sort of know theoretically how to play ‘Master of Puppets,’ it’s impossible to play it in down strokes the way that he does start to finish for seven minutes. It’s truly mind blowing.”

When Tobias initially revealed his identity, he dedicated the success of his career to his late older brother, who introduced him to the music that’d shape his formative years. “He was a teenager when I was a kid, so when I was three, he was sixteen. He used to take care of me a lot. He picked up ‘Love Gun’ by KISS. I immediately gravitated towards it and he just like, ‘You can have it.’ And that was my first record.”

Check out these and more unforgettable moments of Tobias Forge unmasked in the Loud List below.

Unforgettable Tobias Forge Unmasked Moments

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