Why Mark Tremonti Does Not Like Being a Frontman But Loves Singing

Mark Tremonti is one of rock's most prominent 21st century guitarists, having released albums with Creed, Alter Bridge and his solo Tremonti project. He pulls double duty as the frontman in his solo venture, but, as revealed in a new interview, that's not a role he's entirely comfortable in, despite having done it for nearly a decade now.

"Well, in the Tremonti band, I love singing," the rocker told MetalTalk (video below) in a conversation centered around his new solo record, Marching in Time, which was released in September.

"Singing to me is a lot of fun. I don't feel the pressures that I feel with guitar playing when I sing. Singing is just a natural thing. You sing your best, you do all you can do," added Tremonti, who noted his voice isn't in the crosshairs as much as his guitar playing. "At this point in my career, I don't think I'm under fire as a singer as much as I would be as a guitar player. So all the stuff I get to do, it's like a judgment-free zone when I get to sing," he reasoned.

Although he enjoys singing quite a lot, it's the other onstage aspect of fronting a band that he finds considerably less appealing.

"What I don't like doing is being a frontman. I don't like having to entertain in between songs. That's something that I'm sure I'll get better at over the years but that's something that is just not my type of personality. I like to be the guy on the side, playing my role — I like singing and playing, but as soon as I've got to do the talking in between, that's the tough part. That's something you can't practice, you just got to do it on stage," explained Tremonti.

Ever the prolific musician, Tremonti said over the summer that he was already writing new music for the next Alter Bridge album and had expectations to enter the studio in 2022 to record the successor to 2019's Walk the Sky.

Mark Tremonti Interview With MetalTalk