Forgetmyname’s “Gasoline” Is A Riveting Battle Between The Heart And Mind

Forgetmyname’s “Gasoline” Is A Riveting Battle Between The Heart And Mind

Renowned for songs such as “Complex,” “High,” and “Crazy,” Forgetmyname returns with “Gasoline,” an enthralling new track that highlights the emerging artist’s adaptability and breadth of talent. Explaining the track, the versatile musician conveys her interpretation of the single as exuding a compelling sense of urgency, reminiscent of the instinctual “fight or flight” response, tinged with a hint of panic. According to her, people can easily relate to the yearning to break free from a situation, either to avoid jeopardizing it or to protect oneself.

In her own words, she describes “Gasoline” as a representation of fleeing from an unfolding situation while still harboring a longing for it. Accompanied by a video, directed and edited by Ryan Pham, the single combines elements of melancholy and longing, with Forgetmyname lending an emotional depth to the composition, singing “Thinking about the past and run/ They think I’m having so much fun/ While I just sit around/ And wait for your phone call/ Running from intervention/ Don’t want to sit around/ And wait for you to call.” 

Forgetmyname’s emotional turmoil following a breakup takes center stage In the captivating visuals. The scene unfolds at a lively house party arranged by her friends, aiming to uplift her spirits. Despite their best efforts, her attention remains fixated on her phone, eagerly awaiting a call from her former partner. The video for “Gasoline” captures a beautiful moment as she steps outside with a drink, and gazes into the mesmerizing dance of flames in a campfire, deep in contemplation of the choices she has made.

The artist explains that she usually develops the concept for her music videos while crafting the song in the studio, drawing inspiration from its unique ambiance. She collaborates closely with Michee Zodulua and Ryan Pham, who have been integral to all her video creations, and considers them like family. Forgetmyname has full confidence in their ability to bring forth exceptional visuals, underscoring the importance of their collaborative synergy in translating her artistic vision.

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